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Bi-fold, four-color process offset print brochure for the 2001 New York Renaissance Faire.

This brochure was designed to be used both as a direct mail piece and point-of-purchase display. When unfolded left to right, two panels appear to create a single image.

Newspaper ad for the 1999 New York Renaissance Faire. Printed in September 9, 1999 issue of the New York Journal News.

In my position as Art Director for this festival my responsibilities included producing five to seven weekly newspaper ads during the course of the New York Renaissance Faire and Forest of Fear seasons.

Newspaper ad for The Flaming Idiots. Printed in July 2, 2000 issue of the Dallas Morning News.

Magazine ad for Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders. Printed in June, 2004 issue of The Diapason


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